We make a big effort to Buy Irish and use our quality Irish suppliers whenever possible. However, we also use the top suppliers from other countries when the need arises.


There is a mind-boggling array of lenses to choose from, but our experienced, knowledgeable dispensing staff will make sure you get the lenses most suited to your individual needs.

  • Single Vision lenses: These are the most common lenses and have a single power suitable for everyday use for the under 40s who require a prescription. They are also used by people who do not require a prescription for everyday use, but who find that they have reached the stage where they require glasses for reading or for anyone who needs glasses to make them more comfortable when using computer and other screens.


  • Multi-focal lenses: These are lenses which have more than one power and include bifocals, varifocals, trifocals, occupational lenses for computer use etc.


  • Coatings: Again there are a huge range of options available, one of which will suit you best. Anti-scratch and anti-reflection are available in a range which include Blue Control to filter out the harmful effects of blue light emanating from computer and other screens.


  • Tints: We offer a full range of tints including solid, graduated,Transitions (which darken and lighten according to the amount of light) and polarised, which are wonderful for driving and virtually eliminate glare. We include UV protection as standard on any sunnies.


  • Thinner lenses: We have a large number of ways to reduce the thickness of your lenses. If you have a high prescription, our expert staff will first advise you on the best frame choices, and then on the lens choice. High index lenses as well as getting lens made to different specifications will improve cosmetic appearance and reduce the weight of your lenses.